What were You dreamming of when You were a little girl, tenager? About beeing princes, prince Charming and sweet life in the castle? I didn't.
First I was fascinated by Indians and then I felt in love with magic... Witches, witchcraft, spells, mystery, adventure... The most fascinating words in the world... still love reading books about witches, still think it's so cool... Guess I'm still a little girl inside :D
I thought it would be great theme for this year Halloween kit. Can You see my witch? She's mysterious and part of her soul is dark as night but she's also smart and good hearted. She loves her life and magic that surounds her everywhere.
She's like Sol from The Legend of the Ice People. Full of life but also dangerous.

Feel free to become a witch and feel the magic during witching hour with pages created by my excellent CT

This kit is available 

25% off untill the end of the week

 Few inspiration pages created by me and my wonderful CT 

Some elements like a wonderful spell book was created by Sonja, very talented artist who may be found at Deviantart as pranile. You may watch her beautiful art here:

- The cat was painted with refference of a photo taken by annequins []

- Pile of books comes from:

As I promised before here's 3 coupons for this kit for some lucky ones


And there will be few more coupons I'll give to You viad FB today (don't know what time it will be so check my fanpage if You want to get some :))