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Winners & more pages from Indian Autumn

by Lana

Hello !
I'm back with list of the winners and I'm happy to tell You that my new kit will go to:

I'll resend coupons at the evening
Hope You'll like it :D 
And now few more pages created by my wonderful CT



Credits: This amazing horse belongs to -> She has such an amazing gallery worth checking for sure :)

Check out my blog in next weeks... there will be more products hitting my store and not only :)

Have a nice weekend

Indian Autumn Kit & Sweet Autumn Cupcake Wrappers - New @ SBG

After 8 months of my absence (well except for small project like Pour Maman) I'm finally happy to say I'm back to designing.
I hope it was last break of this measure of time and I'll be able to give You all the kits that sits in my head, and believe me it's really crowdy there right now :)

So I'm slowly rolling into old track and this time I brought to You my newest kit called Indian Autumn.

It's like the piece of my old dreams about Indians and their bravery came to life... 
I spent quite a time in my younger years reading books and watching films about Indians... There was this TV program every Wednesday, really late one after 10 p.m., I was awaiting impatiently. Pearls in the Crown was it's name and every week we could see awesome films from all over the world... For a long time we could watch Wild Wild West films with cowboys and indians and I loved every single one.

When this idea of Autumn kit hit me I knew it will be related to Indians and it was really awesome to work on it so feel free to join our tribe. Sit in our tipi and check out all the goodies I have for You.

You can get my new kit 

with 20% of the price

Here's how my new baby looks like

And TADAM something new appears in my shop... 
My very own line of cupcake quick wrappers...
After 30 years of my life I discovered I can bake and I really enjoy doing it... I discovered sugar decorating which became my actual obsession and while it's so cool to prepare Your own cupcakes it's really not that easy to get pretty cupcake wrappers for every ocassion.
The very instant I thought about it this idea hit me... I though why not and here we are... Me and my own line of autumn cupcake wrappers... It's trully easy peesy and it's cool.

You can get my Sweet Autumn Cupcake Wrappers

20% off the price

Untill I'll be back with more autumn products and with fresh bunch of Cupcake Wrappers let me show You few pages created by my amazing CT :)






As usual I'll have few coupons for You this week
Leave me Your mail and I'll be back in 3 days to pick three lucky winners of my newest collection.

Have a nice week

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