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Heartfelt Secret - Studio Mix by sussieM, Lorie & Priss

Pour Maman - new kit & coupons!!!

Hello everyone :)

by Veronique
Beautiful heart... full of unconditional love, lots of kisses, hugs and touching words.
Eyes watching carefully if You're safe and well. Hands always ready to catch before You fall and this special word that always sounds like home.
Mother... Your best friend ever.

Mother's Day is always very special for me... I'm so lucky because I have really wonderful Mom... Hero who was always there when I needed Her, comforting and understanding even if She dissagree my choices.
Now She's also wonderful Grandma for my little girl and there are no words to describe how much I love her and how thankfull I am for every day She is with us.

I was preparing special Mother's Day card with my daughter using my Mother's favourite flowers, peonies and final result was nice enough to share with You.

It's also perfect set for Valentines and Greetings cards. Use it as You want. Imagination is Your only limit.

You can get this kit

and it's 33% off untill tomorrow!

And touch of inspiration from my wonderful CT :D
Thank You girls for beeing so fast and creative :D

by Natalka

by Irene

by Donna

by Lyudka

by Wendy

And 5 coupons... 
If You would like to get my kit for free!!!


PS. will be back here in few days to show You another kit of mine :D


Back with something new!

Long time not beeing here :D
I hope You still remember me and You'll like this little thing that will appear in my shop this monday.
It's a special kit because of two reasons.
1st it's for special person... My Mom, who loves flowers esp. peonies, and has the most beautiful heart ever.
She's just the best Mom ever and the best Granny for my little girl :) 
We were making special card for Mother's Day and I thought why not making special mini kit because ot this ocassion.
2nd because it's my first kit after such a long break. It's been very tough time for me and my family and I couldn't design for long long time... Now I'm about to release few more kits and I'm happy about it as it was my first kit ever :)

Here's a sneak peek of my new little baby.


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