Hello Ladies
I know You're waiting impatiently for results and it's here.
It took me long... like really long cause I wanted to pick 3 new CT Members as an addition to my wonderful and mega talented Gang. 

I've choosen too many... then reduced the number a little bit but it was still too many and I couldn't really decide so I thought that morning will bring a solution... It wasn't easier... but here I am with 5 ( ekhem... I know I was talking about 3 only) names that will be added to my Creative Team list.

Before I'll announce who the lucky winners are I'd like to thank all of You girls. It was really hard to pick just 5 of You and I'm so happy with all the pages I saw.

I know this CT Call was totally different than typical calls are but I'm so happy so many of You followed my rules and gave me the chance to see Your pages. Now even if You're not in the final 5 I have a chance to come back to my gallery and see Your pages and who knows I may need more talented ladies soon :)

OK here it is the final 5 

I'm so sorry I couldn't take all of You Ladies but once again THANK YOU for participating!!!
Love you all

Ps. To the Choosen Ladies (that sound almost like Harry Potter lol) message me for Your forum registration please :)