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Studio sussieM CT Call !!!

Here it is! Easier than ever... 
Take Your chance I'm waiting for You !!!

Twilight Summer - New beautiful collaboration by sussieM, Lorie Davison, NLD & ET Designs

Hello Summer Twilight is alive!

Peggy of Newlife Dreams, Erika of ET Designs, Marzenka of SussieM, and Lorie of Studio Lorie have designed Twilight Summer to share with you their summer experiences. Summer Twilight is their portrait of the moment when the first cool breezes of night begin to mingle with the toasty warmth of the long summer day. The sunlight dims and the paper lanterns are lit. The blossoms close their petals as the fireflies stretch their wings to dance, and the summer twilight celebrations begin.

Visit our shop and SBG gallery for Summer Twilight inspiration. There's a lot of wonderful pages created with this collection. 
And don't forget to visit SBG Facebook Fan Page to collect Twilight Summer Freebie!!!

Ps. Visit my blog tomorrow. Studio sussieM CT Call is almost alive!!!

Time 2 Celebrate Baloon Alpha and Heart Freebie!!!

Have You ever thought about celebrating without baloons? My kiddo says it's totally impossible.
She wanted some super fancy letter baloons for her 6th birthday but I couldn't find any in my area (not telling I'm so scarred when I have to blow baloons... seriously I'm sweating like crazy affraid they will explode)

I thought I'll make some digital baloons and then use them on my daughter's photos and birthday pages.
This is how I designed text, made 3D baloon canvas and then rendered and painted  last touches to every single letter in this package.

I have so many ideas for using them and what's the most important my girl loves them too. Check out my new and unique Baloon Alpha from Time 2 Celebrate Collection available

Few pages created with this pack <3>



And now - time for little matching freebie I created for my NEWSLETTER recipients and my FB Fans! Rainbow heart baloon designed by my little girl with a lot of love from both of us <3>

If You're not subscribed to my NEWSLETTER go to my FB Fan Page to download this lovely Freebie!

Thank You for supporting me all the time. See You soon, there will be something fresh in my studio :D

Ps. Let me know if You like this alpha as I have few more ideas for this kind of product <3>

Across the Desert Racers - NEW studio Mix by Lorie, sussieM, Priss & Emeto

Ladies and gentlemen… start your engines!!!
SussieM, Priss, Emeto, and Lorie are proud to present to you a collab not for the timid or faint of heart. Here you will find the earsplitting roar of engines and blinding desert sand storms, where the only shade from the searing heat is the desert cacti and the finish line banner. In other words it’s just the kind of world adventurous children everywhere dream of.

Across the Desert Racers is available



Wonderul pages created by our CT Stars!!!

Check out our SBG Fan Page we have gazillion of surprises for our fans this month.
Celebrate SBG 10th birthday with us!!!!

 Take care and stay tuned as i'll release some new products soon :D

Love Ya

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