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Vampire Diary, Dark Angel AddOn, Coupons and Exclusive FB Freebie

by Ivana

This time I'm comming to You with my newest kit Vampire Diary...

Yeah I love fantasy books.
No I'm not team Edward, Stephan, Jacob, Damon etc.
I'm deffinitely Team Dimitry ;)
I know, I know he's dhampir but well he's totally cool ;) As cool as the whole VA story :D
I love reading. It's great escape into another worlds and this is where ideas for my kits come from...
by sussieM
With this kit I wanted something dark but different than my last years Scary Night and still I wanted to make it possible to work with both kits together. 

This is what came out of my head. Dark but not so scary Halloween kit with 9 papers and over 60 elements.
If it's not enough there's special add on called Dark Angel and it's totally free with purchase of my newest kit :D

Both are available in my SBG shop

and it's on sale right now

Here's how this kit looks like... More in my shop and in our gallery at SBG!
Vampire Diary Kit

Dark Angel Add On

 For more inspiration look at awesome pages made by my CT Stars








That's not all... On my FB Fan Page there is Matching Freebie
"Bite Me"

 And finally 2 coupons for lucky galls :D



Wish You luck :D

And for those of You who wan't to win another coupon just leave me Your mail as comment and I'll be back with 3 coupons for two random people and the last comment left here :D

Have a nice day :D


New kit & contest winners!!!

Hello, Hello!!!

As You remember few weeks ago I asked You what kind of kit You would like to see in my collection :D
there was many suggestions here and on my FB pages and I would like to thank You all for this great ideas... They're all written and saved for the future :D

I have choosen my future kit theme but won't tell You which one it will be :P I'll send the message to the person who suggested this theme when the kit will be ready and anounce it here and on my Fan Page then.
I can only tell You that it will be available this year for sure and another kit suggested by one of You and which will be a wider project will come next year :D
Thank You for Your ideas, they're priceless :D

And now the winners... My 15$ coupons goes to:

And my special 20$ coupon goes to:

Thank You girls!!! Please send me Your mails to

And another news for You... As You see from my header there's new kit comming to my shop at SBG -> 25th of Oct...
It's kind of creepy halloween kit and I hope it will be a good gift for those of You who preffer darker and more vintage packages :D There's a lot of violets, browns, passion reds, old vintage ornaments and dark shadows...
I was trying to make it different than the last year's one but also to make it possible to work with both of them at once :D
Here's my first page from Vampire Diary set... Hope You'll like it :D

Please come back here at Tuesday You'll find here few coupons and more opportunities to get this kit free :D

Have a wonderful weekend


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