Hello, Hello!!!

As You remember few weeks ago I asked You what kind of kit You would like to see in my collection :D
there was many suggestions here and on my FB pages and I would like to thank You all for this great ideas... They're all written and saved for the future :D

I have choosen my future kit theme but won't tell You which one it will be :P I'll send the message to the person who suggested this theme when the kit will be ready and anounce it here and on my Fan Page then.
I can only tell You that it will be available this year for sure and another kit suggested by one of You and which will be a wider project will come next year :D
Thank You for Your ideas, they're priceless :D

And now the winners... My 15$ coupons goes to:

And my special 20$ coupon goes to:

Thank You girls!!! Please send me Your mails to sussiemdesigns@scrapbookgraphics.com

And another news for You... As You see from my header there's new kit comming to my shop at SBG -> 25th of Oct...
It's kind of creepy halloween kit and I hope it will be a good gift for those of You who preffer darker and more vintage packages :D There's a lot of violets, browns, passion reds, old vintage ornaments and dark shadows...
I was trying to make it different than the last year's one but also to make it possible to work with both of them at once :D
Here's my first page from Vampire Diary set... Hope You'll like it :D

Please come back here at Tuesday You'll find here few coupons and more opportunities to get this kit free :D

Have a wonderful weekend