Today few words from our SBG leader Maya who collected all Your favourit designers to create this special kit.
Ladies it's always an honor to work with You and I'm so happy we could share our time to create something that really counts...

Dear Digital Community:
With the season of giving, gratitude and joy upon us, I thought it would be fun to organize a collaborative charity project that demonstrates the simple truth that “Every Little Bit Counts”.
As a lover of all things vintage, I had collected a couple of vintage letterpress print tray drawers a few years back. I mounted one of the drawers on my studio wall and slowly started adding tiny little miniatures, photos and collectibles into all of the various sections. Anything I found that was small enough, usually found a place in one of the compartments. My son Kai loved the project and almost every day he was bringing home some little thing-ma-bob that he had found on his way to or from school. Soon it was filled with a wide variety of beautiful junk.
I thought that it would be fun to do a similar project but using digital images instead of the real deal and invite a bunch of digital designers to participate with me. I supplied the digital version of the print tray drawer and placed a few items in the sections myself to start the project off. Then I sent out an invitation across the digital community for designers to contribute only one element to be placed into a compartment within the drawer. There were no other guidelines, colour pallets or themes. The end result would be a mish-mash assortment of goodies and a surprise and a giggle for all of us. However, more importantly, the collection of assorted elements, as well as a digital print drawer, would be made available to purchase, with 100% of the profits going to the Sick Kid’s Hospital Foundation.
The Every Little Bit Counts project is now complete and I am so pleased with the results. I wish to express my sincere thanks to all of my designer friends who graciously accepted my invitation, each creating and contributing their own precious little bit. The end result is an eclectic collection of assorted elements ranging from quirky to classic and everything in between.
Now I would like to extend my invitation to you, to join us in this cause by contributing your own little bit to purchase the Every Little Bit Counts Collection.
For only $5 you will receive 87 unique digital elements. You will also receive your own digital print drawer converted to a 12 x 12 size, with back removed as a separate layer for easy element placement. Plus, as an added bonus you will also receive a really fun Photoshop action that will automatically insert your choice of elements into the print tray drawer. (Action tested in PSE 5-9, CS3-5)
That’s more than your money’s worth! Plus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the money you used to purchase the collection will go directly towards helping Sick Children.
This collection will only be available for a limited time. Before the end of December we will remove the collection forever, tally up the totals and make our donation to the foundation. We will post the totals and the receipt for that donation on our Studio Matters blog.
Even the smallest of contributions can go a very long way when we cooperate and work together. Please join us!
Many Thanks to the Designers Involved
  • Shabby Miss Jenn
  • Dawn Inskip
  • Hollie Haradon
  • Lydia Kurniawarti
  • Tangie Baxter
  • Nitwit Collections
  • Amy Wolff
  • SherrieJD
  • Kaye Winiecki
  • Michelle Coleman
  • Manuella Zimmerman
  • Armina Designs
  • Rosey Posey
  • Laura Basaniak of Simply Scraps
  • Designs by Doodelle
  • Amber LaBau of Stolen Moments
  • Clementine
  • Jen Ulasiewicz
  • Flergs
  • Baersgarten
  • Studio Gypsy
  • Irene Alexeeva
  • Martencja Designs
  • Valorie Wibbens
  • Sarah Designs
  • River Rose
  • eNKay Design
  • Trixie Scraps
  • Mye De Leon
  • Twin Mom Scraps
  • Alegna Designs
  • Gabs
  • Laurie Anderson of Heaven’s Gate Designs
  • LorieM
  • Erika of Lara’s Digi World
  • Novita
  • Miki Ferkul
  • Micheline Martin
  • Kari Hentzelt
  • Danimoy Designs
  • Project B Designs
  • Paula Kesselring
  • Brandi Sutherlin
  • Birgit Kerr
  • Craft-astrophic Designs
  • Phuong Ton
  • Amanda Rockwell
  • Cucciola Designs
  • Kay Miller
  • Lorie Davison
  • sussieM
  • Fayette Terlouw of the Ettes
  • True Blue
  • MissVivi
  • Ztampf!
  • Tiffany of Inspired by Dominic Designs
  • Create Wings
  • Wendyzine Scraps
  • Christina Renee
  • Jaya Prem
  • Jennifer Barette
  • Kate Hadfield
  • Allison Pennington
  • Natali Designs
  • Lily Designs
  • Studio Q
  • Studio Berna
  • Veronica Spriggs
  • Charlize Creations
  • Maya